Community Guidelines

Welcome to the VoycerUp Community, your platform for product testing, reviews and information.

The main focus of the VoycerUp Community is enjoying the exchange and experience of product testing, which is why there are a few simple and basic principles that help guide an active participation.

Responses, comments and reports are opinions.
These opinions must be respected, even if you have a different opinion. After all, everyone would like to be accepted and tolerated. Keep in mind that the responses are user recommendations and that VoycerUp and our partner customer companies do not assume any obligations.

Keep it clean.
Applicable law must be respected in the VoycerUp Community as well. Insulting, racist, illegal, unconstitutional, discriminating, violent, or morally indefensible content (comments, images, etc.) have no place in the VoycerUp Community and will be deleted. In the event of a violation, we reserve the right to block access.

Remain objective.
Dialog and discussions are particularly welcome in the VoycerUp Community. However, it is important to ensure that criticism is always factual and objective and is provided in response to an opinion, not directed against persons holding those opinions.

Be fair.
You are not allowed to have multiple accounts in the VoycerUp Community. Third-party content (text, pictures, videos) may not be copied. Nobody likes advertisements and spam, so please refrain from posting it, even if it is in your own interest.

Please note that as a user of the VoycerUp Community, you are required to comply with the guidelines above and our Terms of Use. Violations shall not and will not be tolerated.

If you have any questions about our guidelines or if you would like to report violations, please contact the VoycerUp Community Team at any time at

We hope you enjoy an engaging and enriching experience.